The State of Audience Measurement Depends on Who You Ask

April 24, 2023
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There have been major moves lately to address the challenges of audience measurement, including the joint industry committee formed to establish a third-party measurement certification process, Nielsen’s introduction of a cross-platform measurement product, and multiple smaller ad-tech company deals set in place. The industry is strategizing – and struggling – to determine which alternative currencies are here to stay in an uncertain economy, where every eyeball is important. With Upfront season upon us, we have to ask – has progress been fast enough?

“Great efforts and promise always seem to persist for codified measurement in our industry. And certainly, transactional currencies bringing all forms of streaming and linear television together should be a priority. While streaming to linear measurement challenges remain in the longer cycle of development, accreditation, and acceptance/adoption, we’ve focused more on tools that help CTV advertisers gauge deliverable outcomes today – attribution, brand lift and more.” – John Vilade, Head of Sales at Premion

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