Audience Targeting

We can reach your desired audience at scale with advanced targeting across all DMAs and geographies.

Reach your Audience in Any Geography

Serving Local & Regional Clients in all 210 DMAs

Precision Targeting at Scale

With over 125 branded networks and a best-in-class CTV device graph, we have the premium inventory and targeting capabilities to reach your desired audience at scale.

Local and Regional Reach & Scale

We can reach your desired audience in any DMA or geography, from regions and states all the way down to zip codes.

Audience Targeting

We offer audience targeting based on household and consumer trends like interests, intenders, in-market shoppers and more.

Industry-Leading Device Graph

Our Household Device Graph matches internet IP addresses to households to identify buying habits, interests, and specific characteristics of consumers.

Expert-led Optimization

Our data solution team customizes audience segments based on your campaign objectives offering you the best options to reach your goals.

Customer Testimonal
“I would definitely recommend Premion and have already done so to other buyers. I feel that OTT is a good place to be for many of the brands we buy for ... and Premion, with its direct placement agreements, provides better quality placement of impressions than OTT purchased through exchanges.”
- Buyer, Media Agency

The PREMION Advantage

Premium Content

We deliver your ads in brand-safe premium content.

Reporting & Analytics

We deliver transparent reporting and actionable insights.

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