Brand Safety Policy

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Premion is fully committed to brand safety, which has been a strategic priority for us since we first launched our service in 2016. We are focused on directly sourced premium brand-safe inventory. We prioritize knowing and understanding the sources of the inventory we sell, and we never purchase inventory from open exchanges. We provide full transparency of every impression delivered across our content partners down to the network level.

As a testament to our ongoing commitment to brand safety, Premion was awarded the Cynopsis Measure Up Award for Outstanding Brand Safety Strategy (2023), the Cynopsis Model D Award for Outstanding Brand Safety Strategy (2021), and two of our senior product leaders have been independently certified as Brand Safety Officers by the Brand Safety Institute.  

We operate to a set of rigorous guiding principles to ensure that we meet the TAG standards in promoting brand safety, combating piracy, and eliminating fraudulent traffic.

The steps we take as a company are outlined below:

We focus on long-form high-quality, professionally-produced TV and movie content by reputable publishers and branded networks. All of our content partners go through a vetting process that includes verifying that:

  • The publisher is a legal entity that is either Verified by TAG or listed by Dun & Bradstreet
  • None of the publisher’s properties appear on the TAG Pirate Mobile App list
  • The publisher’s content:
    • Does not include User Generated Content (UGC)
    • Does not include child-focused or child-directed content
    • Does not include excessively violent or explicit sexual content
  • We require the publisher to add Premion to its ads.txt and app-ads.txt files for all of its properties that meet the above criteria and only purchase inventory from those properties

While all Premion offerings are comprised of publishers that meet the vetting criteria above, to match specific advertiser campaign goals and brand safety needs, Premion also offers packages including a subset of those publishers (e.g., “Sports”, “Women’s Focused Entertainment”, etc.) that advertisers may also choose to target. Advertisers may also choose to block specific publishers or networks on their campaign if they choose. Via these capabilities, advertisers may match their brand safety needs to the inventory their campaigns deliver on.

We provide detailed transparent reporting down to the network level, which allows advertisers to understand the nature of the inventory where their ad campaigns are running.

Should a client have any general brand safety related queries, Premion account management will work with the client to review and address client concerns.

Clients may contact Premion account management to stop or pause a campaign. Premion will make every effort to address any take down requests by the end of the following business day.

Premion conducts an internal brand safety audit quarterly to ensure we are adhering to our processes described above. The audit includes:

  • Re-verifying that a sample of our publishers meets the vetting criteria above
  • Evaluating a sample of advertiser campaigns run during the quarter to ensure that 100% of delivery matched the advertiser’s chosen content package and/or block list as described above