Frequently Asked Questions



What is OTT Video?

Over-the-Top, commonly known as OTT, is a term used to refer to video transmitted via the Internet and bypassing traditional cable or linear distribution. Services that come over the top are generally lower in cost for the consumer than the traditional method of delivery. OTT video can be subscription supported or advertising supported.

Where can viewers stream OTT video?

Viewers can stream OTT video through a variety of devices such as connected TVs, desktops, tablets and phones, both at home and “on the go.”

How many streaming services are available?

The online video ecosystem is highly fragmented. There are many options for the viewer and the advertiser, making it more difficult for advertisers to find their consumer easily.


What is Premion?

Premion is a one-stop-shop OTT advertising solution for advertisers to directly access advertising inventory across premium long-form branded OTT sources. Through direct partnerships with top-tier OTT providers and networks, Premion places advertisers in ONLY premium long-form and live streaming content with the ability to target down to DMA or zip code. Unlike other video networks, Premion has direct relationships with premium branded content providers.

Our Value Proposition

Our over-the-top advertising solution helps local and regional businesses intersect and connect with viewers in the new evolution of TV, place shifted, OTT long-form premium video. Premion simplifies a fragmented marketplace by finding the desired audience in the geography selected by the advertising client. We achieve this by accessing the most premium OTT content through cross-network and cross-platform delivery, and optimizing based on industry best practices.

Clients can track and monitor campaign performance through our reporting dashboard, which includes key performance metrics and targets.

Who are our content partners?

Premion has direct partnerships with top tier networks and OTT service providers who provide access to over 100 well-known branded networks. For more information about how Premion can place your ads in premium well-known branded content, click here.

In what kind of content will Premion ads run?

The type of content varies by provider. Premion only places ads in premium long-form and live streaming content. This includes prime-time live, live sports and news, network programming, and premium VOD content including movies.

On which platforms/devices can Premion ads be seen?

Premion ads can be seen across any OTT platforms/devices in which our partner networks and partner providers are supported. The viewer is in control as to where they consume the content (TV, desktop, tablet, mobile).

Are ads non-skippable/non-fast-forward?

All ads placed by Premion are 100% non-skippable and fast-forward disabled.

What is the completion rate?

The average completion rate for Premion ads is over 97%. The remaining 3% results from when the viewer exits the program or turns off the TV while the spot is playing. The average completion rate for the online video industry is 70%.

The high completion rate for Premion is attributed to the type of content and the way it is viewed. Ads are non-skippable and OTT viewing is largely a contemplated decision by viewers.

How does Premion source inventory?

Through direct partnerships with our partner networks and providers, we have secured direct inventory. That means the inventory is more valuable, unlike remnant and ad exchange placements. Our focus is on brand safety and transparency of content, and our content is 100% branded long-form, network quality content.   We do not mix in unbranded short form content.

Where is Premion available?

Premion is available in any U.S. DMA, state or zip code. Puerto Rico placement is also available.

How can I find out more about Premion?

For more information about how Premion can place your ads in premium well-known branded content, click here.