Premium Content

We deliver your ads in brand-safe premium content that your audience loves and trusts.

Our Partner Network

Our partner network is built from direct relationships with the most trusted media brands and providers, ensuring that your ads only run in brand-safe environments.

125+ Leading Networks and Providers

With directly-sourced inventory from 125+ branded networks,
we deliver brand-safe and fraud-free CTV and OTT impressions at scale.

Only Premium Inventory

Our Partner Network, built from direct relationships with the most trusted networks, provides the opportunity for your ads to run on top TV shows, hit movies and sports events, live and VOD.

Our Expansive Presence

No need to work with multiple providers. We maximize your reach across an exciting mix of top-tier CTV/OTT providers including premium branded networks, vMVPDs and pure play OTT providers in high-quality, live and VOD content.

No Walled Gardens

We aren’t limited by a single subscriber base or geographic footprint. We work with an extensive array of quality content partners to provide scale across all 210 DMAs.

No Open Exchanges

Our commitment to brand safety is built on our trusted partnerships with branded networks and premier publishers. We do not source inventory from open exchanges.

Customer Testimonial
“Working with a highly reputable company like Premion, ensures [placement] in good spots since they have direct relationships with networks and do not rely on exchange platforms when placing inventory.”
- CMO, mattress company

The PREMION Advantage

Audience Targeting

We reach your desired audiences at scale with advanced targeting.

Reporting & Analytics

We deliver transparent reporting and actionable insights.

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