As TV Platforms Converge, So Do Buyers: Premion’s Wilson

May 8, 2019 | By PREMION

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Buyers of digital media and buyers of traditional television are “kind of meeting in the middle” when it comes to OTT and connected-TV” is the viewpoint of Premion’s Jim Wilson. They are attracted not just by audience reach but tying business outcomes to exposures.

A division of TEGNA, Premion is an advertising platform for regional and local advertisers, providing access to more than 125 content providers sourced through direct partnerships. Part of Premion’s “thesis” has been that broadband would “sort of democratize content,” Wilson explains in this interview with Beet.TV.

“Great content can almost come from anywhere. As long as it’s great content it can generate eyeballs. It doesn’t have to necessarily be on a specific network,” Wilson says.

Content is part of the Beet.TV Video Series “The Next Big Thing for Advertisers: The Growth of Direct to Consumer Streaming”, presented by Premion  

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