Tubi Teams With Samba TV For Measurement, Adds New Advertising Formats

May 7, 2019 | By PREMION

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Advertising-supported streaming television provider Tubi has a new partnership with Samba TV to measure reach and frequency gaps across linear and OTT. The move comes as Tubi is introducing first-position, guaranteed ad pod impressions along with 60- and 90-second formats, trailers and sponsorships.

“The marketplace for ad-supported is a coiled spring,” Tubi Chief Revenue Officer Mark Rotblat says in this interview with Beet.TV.

In discussing increased demand from advertisers, Rotblat recalls that during last year’s TV UpFront season, some buyers wished to finish their negotiations with linear TV provider before committing money to ad-supported OTT platforms.

“It’s different this year. This year they are planning OTT alongside their traditional TV, their cable and broadcast. And the reason is that they got burned” by “over-promising and under-delivering” linear audiences.

Content is part of the Beet.TV Video Series “The Next Big Thing for Advertisers: The Growth of Direct to Consumer Streaming”, presented by Premion  

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