Linear TV Loses To Connect TV. Says Who?

April 6, 2023

Consumers are watching more TV on ad-supported streaming platforms and they’re more likely to watch Connected TV content with friends and family than linear TV.

That’s the conclusion of a Connected TV co-viewing study conducted by TVision, a company dedicated to measuring how people “really watch” linear and Connected TV on behalf of a top Connected TV/OTT advertising platform launched seven years ago by TEGNA that today enjoys a minority stake from Gray Television.

The glowing findings surrounding ad-supported streaming platforms from TVision were released alongside newly released data from Premion that its Connected TV inventory “exceeds industry benchmarks for co-viewing and capturing viewer attention,” citing TVision’s research.

While one may believe that’s bad news for broadcast TV, think again — with “FAST” channels and apps tied to broadcast TV stations gaining traction, Premion and TVision have one clear message they’re sending to marketers ahead of the NAB Show and the IAB NewFronts, followed by the traditional Upfront Week in mid-May.

“Counting Connected TV co-viewing gives advertisers valuable insights into total audience reach on Connected TV campaigns in a like-for-like comparison to linear TV,” Premion and TVision share.

“Co-viewing” refers to members of the same household watching television at the same; in the U.S. Hispanic market, “co-viewing” has been used as a key lure for marketers to invest in Spanish-language media, with the understanding that multiple generations of the same household consume the same content.

Then comes the advertising pitch from TVision of Premion: the study finds that Premion inventory “was seen by more attentive viewers than the Connecting TV norm — reinforcing the value of prioritizing premium Connected TV content for advertisers.”

While that’s certainly promotional, the combination of Connected TV advertising with linear television media buys could prove to be the best recipe for marketers. And, it is a message Gray Television and TEGNA couldn’t be more supportive of.

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