How CTV Advertisers are Unlocking Audience Insights for Measurable Impact

March 25, 2024
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Author: Heather Tatarsky, Director of Product Marketing, Premion.

With the end of third-party cookies nearing this year, digital advertisers are increasingly turning to CTV advertising to reach an expanding audience and drive full-funnel brand goals. The proliferation of ad-supported streaming platforms, including Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) services, coupled with sophisticated audience targeting and advanced measurement capabilities, has further enticed and democratized access for both digital and TV advertisers to reach new audiences with precision.

Underscoring the medium’s impact, this year, eMarketer forecasts that 86% of U.S. households are projected to be Connected TV (CTV) households — and 41% of US households can only be reached through streaming TV, according to MRI Simmons*. Additionally, with more dollars flowing to CTV, our own 2023 CTV/OTT Advertiser Study revealed that the top-ranking benefits of CTV/OTT advertising are achieving brand awareness and performance marketing goals (38%), leveraging the advantages of TV with digital capabilities (38%), extending the reach of linear TV campaigns (37%), and capturing declining TV audiences (37%).

In just a few short years, CTV/OTT measurement has evolved significantly. Marketers now have access to sophisticated, full-funnel, and industry-specific measurement capabilities. These tools enable accurate measurement of campaign outcomes throughout the customer journey — from reach extension, brand lift, and website visits to connecting CTV viewership with in-store and online sales. Regardless of the campaign goal, marketers can tap into a suite of new solutions to truly understand the ROI of campaign impressions.

Here’s how three advertisers are leveraging precision targeting and audience insights to drive measurable outcomes with their CTV campaigns:

Drive Sales for a Furniture Retailer across Several Markets

A burgeoning regional furniture retailer sought to drive brand awareness and boost sales across multiple markets. Premion executed a campaign that comprised of precise targeting strategies focusing on home furnishing enthusiasts while measuring brand lift, website visitation and sales. As a result, we directly attributed 6.2K online and in-store sales within 30 days of exposure to the campaign generating $5M in sales revenue with an average spend of $809. In addition, the campaign drove 37K people to engage with the website within 7 days of viewing the ad. Among them, 2.2K (6%) added merchandise to their carts, validating the home-furnishing target audience was ready to take immediate action.

Reach New Car and Truck Buyers for a Dealership in a Top 5 Market

Rebounding from post-pandemic inventory shortages, car buyers are now enjoying greater availability of a wider range of new cars and trucks, enticing dealer incentives, and the resurgence of discounts. An auto dealership in a top 5 market sought to reach potential car and truck buyers who hadn’t previously considered them. Premion developed a campaign utilizing precision Polk automotive target audiences. Leveraging website and new car sales attribution, we measured that the campaign drove over 10.8K website visits and 114 new vehicle sales, estimated to generate a minimum profit of $456,000 from new cars sold.

Drive Subscriber Growth for a Leading Broadband Connectivity Company

To drive subscriber growth, a leading all-in-one mobile and internet provider sought to target new prospects while also minimizing ad spending waste by excluding current customers from the campaign targeting. To exclusively reach new customers, Premion executed a campaign leveraging precision audience targeting and first-party audience suppression — excluding 43% of households already customers—along with custom DMA and zip code targeting and website attribution. The campaign generated over 15K website visits, resulting in a remarkable +1349% increase in advertiser investment growth since Q2 of 2020.

With unmatched data-driven insights, Premion is a proven partner that understands the unique local characteristics, viewer trends, and the power of local relevance that drive outcomes. We have successfully executed a multitude of campaigns for hundreds of local and national advertisers nationwide.

Unlock the power of CTV measurement in 2024—download our free measurement guide.

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* Source: eMarketer, Connected TV Households, US, 2024, February 2024; Copyright © 2024 Insider Intelligence Inc.

** Source: © MRI-Simmons 2024. 2024 March Cord Evolution. The data herein derives from a confidential, proprietary syndicated product owned by GfK US MRI, LLC.

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