Beyond Impressions: Uncovering the Power of Brand Lift Studies for CTV Advertisers

September 25, 2023
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Author: Heather Tatarsky, Director of Product Marketing, Premion.

CTV has become a powerful full-funnel advertising medium — with brands and marketers across categories fully embracing and allocating more budget towards it. Our 2023 CTV/OTT Advertiser Study revealed that two out of three advertisers using CTV/OTT plan to increase their spending this year, and 38% rank achieving brand awareness and performance marketing goals among CTV’s top benefits.

Measurement remains a hot topic and a pivotal factor for ad spending decisions. In our own business, we’ve found that there is still a need for more education on the different ways that brands can measure the effectiveness of their CTV campaigns, especially among local advertisers.

CTV measurement has advanced significantly in just a few short years. Advertisers can now measure the effectiveness of their CTV ad spending in a multitude of ways, moving beyond video completion rates and directly linking CTV viewership to critical business outcomes. For instance, advertisers can precisely measure CTV’s impact on driving consumer engagement including website and app visits and can now even measure the impact of a streaming TV campaign on sales, allowing advertisers to truly understand the full ROI of each impression in their campaign. Additionally, as more advertisers prioritize reaching new audiences, they can utilize reach extension measurement to quantify the incremental reach CTV provides outside of a linear TV or a cable campaign.

One area that’s gaining increased adoption among CTV advertisers is brand lift studies.  Advertisers can dive deeper to understand the true impact of their CTV campaigns on viewer perceptions — and connect consumer viewpoints to CTV ad impact. And across our advertisers, we’ve found that many are seeing positive results with ad recall, favorability, brand awareness and purchase intent.

Armed with data from brand lift studies, advertisers can confidently determine the effectiveness of their messaging and gain insights into their audience’s perception of their brand — enabling them to optimize their targeting and creative strategies. For example, a brand can learn which ad creative generates the most impact or uncover that their campaign resonates more with a specific audience in a particular market.

  • We recently conducted a brand lift study for a large, integrated healthcare system to measure the impact of our CTV campaign on consumers’ attitudes toward the brand.  The campaign drove brand lift: +29% aided brand awareness lift, +195% brand preference lift, +61% brand consideration lift, and +159% brand attribute lift, “Doctors working here are experts in their field.
  • For a national home restoration company, our brand lift study measured a +149% aided brand awareness lift, +183% ad recall lift, +98% consideration lift, +144% brand favorability lift, +259% brand attribute lift, “is an expert in handling property damage and restoration” and +153% brand attribute lift, “is a company I would trust if I experienced property damage.”
  • During a holiday campaign for a popular fast-food company, our brand lift study revealed a +1143% increase in ad recall of the message, a +91% increase in awareness that the product is available in store, a +52% increase in “awareness that these deserts make a good gift” and a +363% lift in purchase intent to buy from the restaurant.
  • For a large home service company in a top 25 market, our brand lift study revealed significant gains: +106% lift in aided brand awareness, +162% brand preference lift, +127% consideration lift, and a lift in consumer perception that the brand is: “High Quality” +232%,  “Professional” +142%, “Reliable” +131%, “Responsible” +107%, and “Trustworthy” +110%.

At Premion, we’ve invested in advanced CTV measurement capabilities as a core competency to enable brands and marketers to truly measure their advertising impact.

To learn more about our brand lift studies, let’s have a conversation.

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