Video Highlights: TV is Changing, TV’s Importance is Not Gabbcon Panel

November 26, 2018 | By PREMION

Last month, our Joel Fineman joined industry peers from Fox, NBCu and RPA in a lively “TV is Changing, TV’s Importance is Not” panel at Gabbcon’s Los Angeles TV and Innovation Week.

While the TV industry is transforming quickly, there’s one common theme that the panelists agreed on: what hasn’t changed is the importance of TV.  The panelists shared insights on media buying strategies, measurement, frequency capping and ad fraud in an increasingly fragmented OTT environment.

With the accelerating growth of streaming TV options and changing viewing habits, advertisers need help in solving for the fragmentation to reach their right audiences. The reaggregation of audiences across platforms demands data-driven insights and understanding of content quality to build trust with advertisers and agencies and to reap the rewards of the OTT era.

Watch the video from the panel discussion here.

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