Philo’s McCollum Looks Forward To Dynamic, Friendly TV Ads

May 7, 2019 | By PREMION

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The little TV startup that began when a couple of college kids hacked together a satellite dish, tinfoil and a wireless transmitter is now dreaming of a world in which viewers are put in control.

Philo was formed out of Tivli, after a pair of Harvard students devised a way to give viewers a better way to watch TV.

Now the startup’s CEO is a Facebook co-founder and has raised millions of dollars in funding from a procession of TV networks, on a quest to make live, VOD and DVR viewing more user-friendly and easier on the wallet.

Content is part of the Beet.TV Video Series “The Next Big Thing for Advertisers: The Growth of Direct to Consumer Streaming”, presented by Premion  

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