CTV Measurement Strategies Every Marketer Needs in 2024

February 19, 2024 | By Ryan Seickel

Author: Ryan Seickel, Director of Sales Engineering, Premion.

Streaming TV has become an essential channel for achieving full-funnel brand goals — and marketers are allocating more of their ad budgets to this medium. Our 2023 CTV/OTT Advertiser Study found that 38% of advertisers ranked ‘achieving brand awareness’ and ‘performance marketing goals’ among CTV’s top benefits for their campaigns.

As marketers allocate more ad dollars to CTV, they want to ensure that their campaigns drive tangible business results. In just a few short years, CTV measurement has evolved significantly. We now have sophisticated, full-funnel, and industry-specific measurement capabilities, providing advertisers of all sizes and in every industry access to powerful measurement tools. These tools enable accurate measurement of outcomes throughout the customer journey — from reach extension, brand lift, and website visits to connecting CTV viewership with in-store and online sales. All of this offers valuable insights to truly understand the ROI of each impression in campaigns.

We’ve outlined several measurement strategies for 2024 to ensure marketers are maximizing the effectiveness of their CTV campaigns:

  • Full-Funnel Measurement: Achieving full-funnel CTV attribution measurement is not only possible but also driving more investment from marketers. From reach extension measurement, brand lift studies, website attribution to sales conversion attribution, marketers can get the complete picture of campaign performance and track every touchpoint.
  • Industry-Specific Measurement: Marketers across diverse industries set different brand and performance goals. Whether you’re an automotive or travel marketer, there are industry-specific measurement tools to track KPIs, gain competitive performance insights, and drive effective and tangible campaign results.
  • Complete Campaign Measurement & Reporting: Marketers face challenges when measuring campaigns from disparate media buys across multiple providers, each with varying measurement capabilities. Working with a single CTV aggregator offers holistic, full-funnel campaign measurement and reporting without compromising audience reach and scale.
  • Outcome Measurement of First-Party Data: Marketers place tremendous value on their first-party customer data for precision targeting and personalization. Advertisers can now uncover how custom audiences drive outcomes from incremental reach, brand lift, website visits and ultimately conversions.

Unlock the power of CTV measurement in 2024—download our free measurement guide.

At Premion, we’ve invested in advanced CTV measurement capabilities as a core competency to enable brands and marketers to truly measure their advertising impact. 

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