Why CTV/OTT for Education?

For education marketers, the name of the game is driving student enrollment — and they’re increasingly turning to CTV advertising as a compelling and proven media channel.

With 85% of U.S. households in 2022 projected to be CTV households*, including many prospective students, streaming TV is a compelling and effective advertising channel for education institutions. Additionally, 90% of education intenders watch ad-supported OTT, and 57% of them cannot be reached via traditional cable/satellite, per a MRI-Simmons 2022 Cord Evolution Study**.

New data-driven CTV advertising solutions provide education marketers with the precision of digital in targeting, personalization, attribution, and performance capabilities — and the big screen quality viewing experience of linear television. 

To learn more about CTV/OTT viewership and education intenders, download our ‘Why OTT for Education’ guide by filling out the form.

 *eMarketer, Connected TV Households, September 2022; Copyright © 2022 Insider Intelligence Inc. All Rights Reserved.
**MRI-Simmons, 2022 August Cord Evolution; people looking to start or return to school in the next 12 months

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