The Premion Advantage: Healthcare

With patients demanding better services from healthcare providers, healthcare businesses are investing in new innovations to enhance patient services—to be safer, more efficient and convenient. In fact, a PwC survey found that positive experiences have a greater influence on consumers’ healthcare purchasing decisions than other industries. The future of patient care is about connecting with consumers to fully understand their needs by leveraging technology and human connections to create efficient and personalized experiences.

As such, healthcare marketers must rethink their media mix and evolve their message to emphasize how they’re improving the patient experience to stay relevant and drive growth. With the acceleration in streaming TV viewers, healthcare marketers are increasingly vying for the attention of this highly engaged audience with connected TV (CTV) / OTT advertising.

Healthcare marketers need a trusted CTV/OTT advertising partner that can execute locally in reaching the right consumers at the household-level, track conversion, and reduce wasted impressions. Premion is a proven partner in driving measurable outcomes for many healthcare brands. We run a multitude of campaigns for local, regional, and national health and medical services businesses.

To learn more about the Healthcare audience and how to reach them with OTT advertising, download our free Premion Advantage Healthcare Guide by filling out the form.

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