Tegna Selects TVSquared For Crossplatform Measurement

June 10, 2021

Tegna today announced that TVSquared has been chosen to power crossplatform, closed-loop measurement and attribution for thousands of its advertisers, delivering incremental reach and web, location and app outcomes for local data-driven linear television and CTV and OTT campaigns.

Tegna said its footprint of 64 stations in 51 markets, which serve 48 million TV households monthly, and Premion’s directly-sourced inventory from more than 125 branded networks delivering premium CTV and OTT impressions, combined with TVSquared’s ability to process hundreds of millions of impressions monthly, make this one of the largest TV measurement and attribution initiatives for converged TV.

“The TV ecosystem is in the midst of an evolution that demands cross-platform analytics,” said Jessica Daigle, Tegna vice president of sales intelligence. “TVSquared is an industry leader for local TV and OTT ad measurement and attribution. They are the right partner to power Tegna Attribution, which proves the value of our campaigns and helps grow our advertisers’ local businesses.”

“Advertisers are embracing CTV and OTT as powerful, outcomes-based media channels for both brand building and customer acquisitions,” said Dave Marquard, Premion head of product. “We look forward to leveraging TVSquared’s platform to further showcase the power of streaming TV advertising in driving measurable business outcomes and optimizing ad spending for our advertisers.”

Tegna and TVSquared are providing advanced, always-on, crossplatform analytics to advertisers to better understand TV’s impact and effectiveness at the household level, including reach and frequency, performance outcomes and unduplicated audience reach across local data-driven linear television and OTT campaigns.

“Tegna has always been a trailblazer in bringing transparent data and analytics to the TV marketplace,” said Jo Kinsella, TVSquared president. “The scale of this cross-platform initiative is a huge signal to the market about the advancements happening to make TV more accountable. We are thrilled to partner with Tegna and Premion on this game-changing solution and arm its diverse client base with the transparency and intel needed to leverage the power of cross-platform TV advertising.”

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