TEGNA Inc. Ushers in New Era with Leadership Overhaul, Boosting Digital Growth

February 27, 2024

TEGNA Inc. unveils strategic leadership changes with Tom Cox as chief growth officer and Daniel Spinosa as president of Premion, signaling a focus on digital expansion. Explore the impact of these appointments on TEGNA’s trajectory in the evolving media landscape.

Strategic Leadership for Digital Expansion

With an eye on the future, TEGNA’s leadership reorganization is a calculated step towards enhancing its digital landscape. Tom Cox’s appointment as chief growth officer is pivotal, given his extensive experience in leading transformative transactions and scaling businesses. His role will encompass accelerating TEGNA’s existing digital businesses, scouting for new opportunities, and steering the company’s technology and digital product divisions. Cox’s leadership is anticipated to be a cornerstone in defining TEGNA’s trajectory in the evolving media landscape.

Meanwhile, Daniel Spinosa’s promotion to president of Premion places him at the forefront of one of TEGNA’s most dynamic divisions. With over two decades of experience in media and finance, including significant tenures at Comcast and AOL, Spinosa’s expertise is expected to further Premion’s growth and solidify its position in the OTT advertising space.

A New Chapter for TEGNA Inc.

TEGNA Inc., a media conglomerate known for its commitment to empowering stories and innovative marketing solutions, operates across 64 television stations in 51 U.S. markets. The company’s ownership of multicast networks like True Crime Network and Quest, alongside its OTT advertising service Premion, demonstrates its dedication to reaching consumers through diverse platforms. The leadership shakeup with Cox and Spinosa at the helm is aimed at leveraging TEGNA’s assets to enhance its digital footprint and audience engagement.

Reflecting on the appointments, Dave Lougee, president and CEO of TEGNA, expressed confidence in the newly appointed leaders’ abilities to catalyze growth and innovation. “This is a pivotal moment in TEGNA’s history,” remarked Cox, “and I am eager to work with our digital, technology, and Premion teams to drive further growth across the business.”

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