TEGNA Extends A ‘Multi-Faceted Partnership’ with FreeWheel

January 7, 2021

TEGNA and Comcast-owned FreeWheel have announced a new multi-year deal “to further transform and automate the way TEGNA’s buyers and sellers transact” — including through CTV/OTT advertising platform Premion.

Under the terms of the deal, TEGNA will continue working with FreeWheel to help enhance business operations in several different ways, including using FreeWheel’s Strata platform to process electronic orders through ePort, an automated platform that enables purchasing ads from local television stations.

TEGNA currently connects with agencies through FreeWheel’s ePort platform, enabling its sellers to receive electronic orders from buyers, send makegoods back to the buying platform, and receive revisions electronically.

Premion, a CTV/OTT advertising platform for regional and local advertisers, will continue to use FreeWheel’s Strata ad management platform. FreeWheel’s marketplace-based technology enables Premion to further enhance its advertising operations, facilitate automation, and increase agency access to its OTT inventory.

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