Survey: Two in Three Advertisers Plan Increased CTV/OTT Spend

June 28, 2023

The average increase is 23% according to a new Premion survey

NEW YORK—Despite wider worries about the economy, a new survey is forecasting relatively healthy growth for CTV/OTT ad spending with two in three advertisers using CTV/OTT planning to increase spending according to a new 2023 CTV/OTT Advertiser Survey released by Advertiser Perceptions and Premion.

The report found the advertisers were planning an average increase of 23%. 

“Advertisers have not only embraced CTV advertising but are shifting even more dollars away from other channels to bolster their CTV ad budgets,” said Tom Cox, president of Premion. “Our study unequivocally affirms that CTV has evolved into an essential channel for marketers to achieve their full-funnel brand goals. The proven effectiveness of CTV in precisely reaching target audiences, delivering personalized ads in engaging content through premium inventory, and driving business outcomes has cemented streaming TV as a winning strategy for advertisers.”

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