OTT Ad Inventory: 18% Is Fraudulent

March 7, 2019
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March 7, 2019- MEDIAPOST-

The advertising technology firm MadHive says based on its own internal estimates, 18% of over-the-top video ad requests are fraudulent. The company came up with that number by examining approximately 1 billion requests that flowed through its platform.

While OTT platforms have many built-in advantages compared to more open digital platforms, scammers and fraudsters are still targeting the space, with its rich premium ad inventory, and comparably high ad rates.

MadHive released the ad fraud data to coincide with the launch of its suite of technology solutions designed to combat fraud, while ensuring trust, transparency, and brand safety.

The company says Premion, the OTT ad platform owned by TEGNA, is now using the new suite of tools.

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