NewFronts: Tegna Adds Attribution For Auto, Travel Campaigns

May 5, 2021
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Station group getting data from IHS Markit, Arrivalist

Tegna said it will provide expanded measurement of the results of linear and streaming ad campaigns for its automotive and streaming campaigns.

At its presentation at the NewFronts Tuesday, Tegna said advertisers in those categories will have access to outcome and sales data from IHS Markit’s Polk Automotive Solutions and Arrivalist when they place campaign via Tegna and its Premion CTV ad unit.

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“These new attribution offerings allow automotive and tourism clients to advertise with Tegna and Premion with greater confidence, knowing we deliver proven results and unmatched measurement insights,” said Tim Fagan, senior VP and chief revenue officer for Tegna. “In the coming months, Tegna Attribution will add additional capabilities to our leading measurement platform, offering greater industry-specific insights to our robust outcome-based model that delivers actionable intelligence to advertisers.”

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Beginning in early summer 2021, automotive advertisers that subscribe to Tegna Attribution will receive Polk Demand Signals advanced measurement data, including number of sales, make and model, price, and vehicle type to measure ROI for their campaigns.

“With this integration and access to Polk Demand Signals and measurement capabilities, automotive clients advertising on Tegna platforms can gain a more complete understanding of consumer behavior throughout the buying cycle,” said Joe Kyriakoza, vice president and general manager, Polk Automotive Solutions at IHS Markit. “Through this innovative arrangement with Tegna, dealers will have an opportunity to tie their media dollars and optimize to KPIs that actually impact their bottom line – driving new car sales.”

Beginning today, Tegna Attribution can provide tourism clients with measurement metrics including arrivals to destinations, cities of origin and days and distance to arrival.

“Arrivalist’s partnership with Tegna greatly expands travel and destination marketers’ ability to measure the success of their campaigns and adds value with advanced metrics tailored to our industry,” said Cree Lawson, founder and CEO, Arrivalist. “By advertising with Tegna brands can leverage Arrivalist’s trusted location data for deeper insights into audience, efficiency and ROI.”

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