The Premion Advantage: Quick Service Restaurants

The pandemic has forced quick serve restaurants (QSRs) to adapt quickly and make the best of disruptive change—and in many instances, that’s led to unparalleled innovation. This past year has accelerated the digital transformation of QSRs, compressing years of modernization into months and even weeks. Convenience, accessibility, frictionless ordering and, above all, safety are now top priorities for restaurant operators to win over digital-ready customers for the post-pandemic era.

According to a recent National Restaurant Association survey, a whopping 67 percent of restaurant operators have added curbside pickup since the beginning of the pandemic, 27 percent added third-party delivery, and 17 percent introduced in-house delivery. And almost all plan to stick with these offerings permanently.

OTT provides QSR brands with an ideal blend of digital marketing capabilities with the quality viewing experience of television. Cord-cutters and cord-stackers are an emerging, engaged audience attracted to OTT’s curated, live, and on-demand programming.

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