Unifying the OTT and Linear Buying Experience for Advertisers: Justin Gutschmidt to Lead National Sales

February 4, 2020 | By John Vilade
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Author: John Vilade, Head of Sales, Premion.

We’re kicking off the new decade to deliver even more scale and simplicity for advertisers. To bridge the growing OTT and linear gap for brands and agencies, Premion has unified its sales organization to streamline media planning and buying across OTT and linear TV channels in local and national markets more effectively. And I’m thrilled to share that our Justin Gutschmidt has been appointed Head of National Sales to lead our unified go-to-market sales strategy and expanded team.

With the explosive growth in streaming TV services and devices, the lines between broadcast TV, OTT and digital video are blurring and it’s becoming increasingly fragmented, making it ever more challenging for marketers to navigate and place media buys. Today, savvy marketers are beginning to recognize that when you combine traditional TV and OTT, it’s proving to be a powerful combination. 

Justin Gutschmidt, Head of National Sales

According to the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), viewing an ad on both linear TV and OTT platforms resulted in a two-fold increase in brand favorability and validate that combining linear TV and ad-supported OTT inventory can deliver even stronger campaign results and increased business outcomes for marketers by extending both reach and engagement.

We’re already driving this converged OTT and linear media strategy for our agency and brand clients that are increasingly seeking to add OTT as a way to add incremental reach to their linear TV buys. Through our new sales structure, we’ve strengthened our in-house sales resources to focus on five key regions: East, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and West regions. This empowers our local sales teams to deliver a unified and simplified buying experience for agencies and brands — with streamlined points of contact and an integrated strategy and execution to OTT and linear media buying, planning and measurement.

Furthermore, this builds upon our technology capabilities to aggregate and make it simple for local advertisers to buy, validate and measure premium video inventory at scale. For instance, through our partnership with Alphonso, we can measure the effectiveness of both OTT and linear campaigns by connecting viewing behaviors to engagement metrics, such as website visits and physical visits to a brick-and-mortar location.

2020 is already shaping up to be a big year for streaming TV advertising and what’s undeniable is that agencies and brands are seeking providers that can deliver true performance, transparency and simplicity.

Congratulations Justin and onward we go!

For more insights on taking your OTT and linear campaigns to the next level, let’s have a conversation.

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