The Marketer’s Guide to Winning OTT and CTV Audiences

September 3, 2020 | By Annmarie Gatti
Premion: The Marketer's Guide to Winning OTT and CTV Audiences

Author: Annmarie Gatti, Head of Marketing, Premion.

OTT viewing is transforming the TV industry faster than ever and the explosion of direct-to-consumer streaming options is further propelling this shift. With surging OTT viewership, eMarketer forecasts that the number of U.S. OTT users will reach 222 million this year.

Consumers have embraced streaming video platforms, and advertisers are now catching up to find their audiences there.  This is driving the accelerated growth in OTT and Connected TV (CTV) advertising spending. However, the OTT ecosystem is becoming ever more complex and fragmented.

As advertisers are quickly becoming more sophisticated in their approach to planning, buying and measuring OTT advertising, they need a trusted partner that can execute locally in reaching the right consumers at the household-level, track conversions and reduce wasted impressions.

That’s why we’ve developed this essential guide for marketers that outlines the key considerations for developing an effective OTT buying strategy, including:

  • How OTT amplifies linear campaigns
  • Why inventory quality matters
  • The imperative for adopting a data-driven mindset for targeting
  • Measuring effectiveness of OTT advertising spend
  • Top 10 advertiser checklist for choosing a quality OTT provider

Access our complete guide for trusted insights to understand and simplify the OTT/CTV buying process for reaching the right audiences in this rapidly growing channel. 

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