The Business of Politics Podcast: CTV Advertising Explainer with Premion’s Keith Norman

March 17, 2023 | By PREMION

Our Keith Norman was featured on the latest episode of Eric Wilson’s The Business of Politics Show to explain the latest on Connected TV (CTV) Advertising for political campaigns, including strategies for targeting and creative, how to measure success, and what to do if you’re just starting out.

While broadcast TV ad budgets continue to grow on campaigns, more voters are watching streaming services – many of which are ad-supported – so political campaigners are shifting their budgets.

Key takeaways:

“It’s about content and control. We’re in the second era of must-watch high quality streaming programming. There’s an abundance of content and more ways to watch it than ever before.”

“With growth comes fragmentation in streaming — and there are fast-growing FAST channels like Tubi, Pluto and Philo with vast TV and film libraries that people are willing to watch a few ads to get for free. So political marketers must understand the fragmentation and where there’s quality content to align their issue and candidate messages next to.”

“Brand advertisers have been tapping into data-rich targeting in the CTV space like they have in the digital space and they’re seeing how their CTV campaigns are delivering proof-of-performance — and now we’re seeing the same strategies and tactics applied by political marketers.”

“We’re seeing political marketers use personalized CTV ads and localized creative with political buys such as QR codes to enable the delivery of candidate information to a voter’s phone or even enabling a voter to use their phone to sign up to volunteer for a phone bank.”

“Enhanced measurement capabilities in CTV are akin to digital. CTV has that kind of measurable reach that is valuable to a holistic approach to political ad buying.”

“Looking ahead to the 2023-24 cycle, political operatives should embrace CTV to extend reach, increase frequency and capture audiences that can’t be reached on linear TV at all.”

“Work with partners that are focused on high quality branded networks that align with the programming that political advertisers are accustomed to with their TV buys that’s brand safe — and take advantage of the digital measurement capabilities available in CTV that comes with the impact, result and effectiveness of a TV buy on the big screen.”

Listen to the full episode here.

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