How Premion Drives Measurable Outcomes for CTV Advertisers

June 7, 2022 | By PREMION

Consumers have embraced the streaming habits of convenience, choice and control and they are favoring ad-supported CTV (Connected TV) services. These consumer trends, combined with the emergence of advanced targeting and measurement capabilities, have been driving the steady shift of marketing dollars to CTV advertising.

With marketers demanding data-driven advertising now more than ever, the ability to understand how your customers heard about your brand and how they’re interacting within a purchase funnel is essential to prove the ROI and value of your ad spend. Thus, attribution plays a crucial role in media planning and buying to truly measure the spend impact.

Here are some ways that advertisers can measure the effectiveness of their CTV campaigns:

Advertisers can now look beyond video completion rates as a key metric of success, as they can connect CTV viewership to direct business results. This could be as granular as running an automotive ad on CTV and tracking how many viewers that were served an ad subsequently visited a dealer website.

New attribution capabilities allow advertisers to match exposure to CTV ads with sales data to determine how many new sales were generated by a streaming TV campaign. For example, we’re helping auto dealers find high-value audiences and connect viewership with sales through closed-loop attribution through our partnership with Polk Automotive Solutions by S&P Global Mobility. For an automotive dealer in a midsize market, our campaign performance drove 33% sales lift — with 88% of sales influenced from within the first 30 days of campaign exposure. While this dealership ranked fourth in their DMA for total sales, they ranked number one in sales for households exposed to this campaign.

Another example is in the travel and tourism category. As we enter the busy summer travel season, travel marketers can leverage advanced destination attribution to drive measurable outcomes. Through our Arrivalist partnership, travel marketers can understand where their visitors are coming from, how far they’ve traveled, how long they stay, how often they repeat their visit and more. A recent Premion CTV campaign for Travel Wisconsin, measured by Arrivalist, generated a 122.8% arrival lift in Wisconsin destinations post-ad exposure, meaning that those viewers exposed to the Premion campaign were 2.2 times more likely to visit Wisconsin than those unexposed. 80% of the attributed arrivals occurred within the first six months of the campaign.

Furthermore, advertisers are measuring CTV effectiveness with brand lift studies, and many are seeing positive results with ad recall, favorability and brand awareness. For a leading home furnishings retailer, we conducted a brand lift study that measured the impact of our CTV campaign on consumers’ attitudes toward the brand. The study revealed that adults aged 25-54 reached by the campaign were 3x more likely to be aware of the brand and almost half would consider purchasing furniture from the retailer after exposure to the campaign. Proving the value of CTV advertising begins with setting clear campaign and measurement objectives and it can span driving specific outcomes to measuring incremental reach or brand and sales lift.  Connecting the dots between investment and quantifiable results is essential to make informed ad spending decisions to maximize campaign outcomes. At Premion, we’ve invested in advanced measurement capabilities as a core competency.

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