Fox’s Callahan: Leaner Company Has A ‘Nimble Willingness To Partner’

May 10, 2019 | By PREMION

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It will be a new and nimbler Fox traversing the UpFronts and Cannes this year, evangelizing live events and enabling “the right mix of methodology and optimization” for audience targeting. “We are excited about the new portfolio,” Dan Callahan says of Fox Corp. following the sale of film and television assets to Walt Disney Co.

“It does tie itself to emotional, meant to be viewed live events that create water cooler talk or social moments where people are interacting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,” adds Callahan, the VP of Audience & Automated Sales. “We feel like the new company is designed for that live happens now, it’s in the moment and it only happens once.”

Whether it’s live linear or live connected-TV, “we feel like that’s the most valuable viewing destination for our team to monetize.”

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