A New Era of Personalized CTV Advertising is Here

August 22, 2022 | By Dave Marquard

Author: Dave Marquard, Head of Product, Premion.

The rapid shift in dollars flowing to ad-supported streaming TV has spurred new innovations — and it’s enabling advertisers to deliver CTV (Connected TV) ads that are more dynamic, personalized and relevant than ever. In our recent 2022 CTV/OTT advertiser survey, we found that investment and optimism for CTV advertising are already high and continuing to rise. This is primarily driven by the ability to precision target and achieve full-funnel brand goals —with 56% of advertisers saying the ability to precision target audiences is the top reason for increasing CTV/OTT spending in 2022. What’s more, nearly 70% of advertisers agree that CTV/OTT allows them to target audiences locally in ways that are not possible with traditional TV.

With increasing opt-in choices for viewers across ad-supported streaming platforms, advertisers have greater opportunities to tap into a myriad of targeting capabilities. Beyond the ability to target by location, interests and behaviors, CTV advertisers can now access tailored targeting strategies aligned to specific brand goals — whether it’s driving brand awareness with demographic or contextual targeting, reaching in-market shoppers with intender targeting — or a more sophisticated persona-based targeting that aligns with their brand.

And in our fast-changing economy, local relevance remains a top priority for advertisers to meet evolving customer needs. They also want the agility and flexibility to localize and swap out creative to meet changing market dynamics. With our recent launch of dynamic creative ads, in collaboration with Connected Stories, we’re transforming CTV ads into messaging unique to each individual household with localized and interactive enhancements.

Essentially, advertisers can localize an ad with scannable QR codes, nearest location, inventory availability and more. This adds an extra layer of ad relevancy to drive advertiser results with specific localized and personalized call to actions.

Here are several ways that advertisers can engage and activate local viewers with dynamic, interactive and localized overlays.

  • With demand for new and used cars remaining high, a local car dealership can capture the attention of prospective car buyers by promoting available car inventory on their lot with an inventory scroll feature on a CTV ad.
  • As we gear up for the holiday shopping season, an online retailer can embed a promo code in their CTV ads to promote specific holiday and seasonal offers.
  • By embedding a scannable QR code into a CTV ad, a local restaurant or services brand can offer the ability for a viewer to make a reservation or booking and even provide directions.

Consumers have clearly embraced the streaming revolution and there’s never been a more exciting time for advertisers to take advantage of the new and creative opportunities to deliver a more engaging, entertaining and personalized CTV advertising experience.

To learn more about Premion’s dynamic creative ads, let’s have a conversation.

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