The Premion Advantage: Quick Service Restaurants

In our current environment, quick serve restaurants (QSRs) have proven to be an essential consumer staple. QSRs offer an affordable and convenient dining option that’s universally appealing to consumers. In fact, consumers spend upwards of $175 a month on takeout across 25 U.S cities, according to a recent Vitigene study

With the surge in stay-at-home viewing, QSR advertisers have a prime opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience with CTV/ OTT advertising.

CTV/OTT provides QSR brands with an ideal blend of digital marketing capabilities with the quality viewing experience of television. Furthermore, the addressability in CTV/OTT allows advertisers to zero in on specific audience segments on a home-by-home basis.

To learn more about the QSR audience and how to reach them with OTT advertising, download our free Premion Advantage QSR Guide by filling out the form.

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