Video Highlights: TV is Changing, TV’s Importance is Not Gabbcon Panel

Video Highlights: TV is Changing, TV’s Importance is Not Gabbcon Panel

Last month, our Joel Fineman joined industry peers from Fox, NBCu and RPA in a lively “TV is Changing, TV’s Importance is Not” panel at Gabbcon’s Los Angeles TV and Innovation Week.

While the TV industry is transforming quickly, there’s one common theme that the panelists agreed on: what hasn’t changed is the importance of TV.  The panelists shared insights on media buying strategies, measurement, frequency capping and ad fraud in an increasingly fragmented OTT environment.

With the accelerating growth of streaming TV options and changing viewing habits, advertisers need help in solving for the fragmentation to reach their right audiences. The reaggregation of audiences across platforms demands data-driven insights and understanding of content quality to build trust with advertisers and agencies and to reap the rewards of the OTT era.

Watch the video from the panel discussion here.

Premion Wins 2 Gabbcon ABBI Awards for OTT and Audience Based Platforms

Premion Wins 2 Gabbcon ABBI Awards for OTT and Audience Based Platforms

We’re thrilled to share that Premion received two ABBI (Audience Based Buying Innovation) Awards at Gabbcon’s annual TV and Innovation Week event.

Recognized for our platform innovation, we were awarded wins in two categories: OTT Platform of the Year and Best Audience Based Buying Platform of the Year.

These accolades from Gabbcon speak to the impact that Premion is making on the industry through our differentiated strategy focused on premium branded CTV/ OTT content, highest inventory quality and data innovation.  We were honored to be a finalist and a winner amongst a large and impressive group of nominees in each category.

The ABBIs celebrate the very best in audience based buying and were voted on by senior agency executives from Omnicom, RPA and Mindshare and top marketers from Walmart, Hershey and Sony. From the most innovative ad-tech companies, platforms and advertising campaigns to the media leaders who ideate them, the 2018 ABBI Awards celebrates the best of the best.

As the pioneer in streaming advertising, Premion is generating tremendous growth momentum and we’ve reliably delivered billions of impressions, tens of thousands of campaigns, for thousands of clients in more than 200 DMAs.

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AAPC Conference: 3 Connected TV Takeaways for Political Advertisers  

AAPC Conference: 3 Connected TV Takeaways for Political Advertisers  

by Dennis Williams, Director of Sales at TEGNA

Last month, I spoke at the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) Sacramento Regional Conference on The Evolving Media Buying Landscape panel to share insights on how Connected TV or OTT advertising offers an entire new medium of opportunities for political advertisers.

Connected TV advertising was practically non-existent during the 2016 elections. Today, with nearly 200 million OTT viewers in 2018, Connected TV is TV.  While there’s still more education needed in the political arena, savvy political consultants and media buyers are increasingly seeking OTT as an important part of their media mix for the midterm elections. The considerations for political campaign spending on OTT is like any media buy: the budget, the desired reach, demographics and targeting.

Here are three takeaways from the session:

Target the voters that matter with precision – There’s an entire generation of voters that will have never had traditional TV and they are becoming increasingly influential. To reach these so called cord-nevers and other voters that matter, political advertisers need to be armed with richer data. What makes OTT highly appealing for political campaigns is the ability for precision targeting. Working with a premium video ad network like Premion, you can leverage richer datasets to target voters by political affiliation, congressional district, income, education level and other interests.

Not all data is created equal – Audience segmentation in OTT is truly deterministic and addressable down to an individual level: Data can be collected on the true viewership level and matched back down to the individual person within a household through new technology. By using first party data, you get actual viewing habits unlike data that’s collected using lookalike models from attributes and interests, such as on Google and Facebook: this data may not reflect actual consumer habits but what they aspire to do or wish they did. Clearly, a viewer’s actions are stronger than their words when it comes to data.

The power of one-to-one relationships – One of the biggest strengths of OTT is that it connects advertisers directly to individual voters, a one-to-one approach. We know the person who is watching a specific program and what device they are using. In a high stakes political campaign, getting the right message out to sway undecided voters can literally make or break your campaign. As such, the ability to customize campaign messages depending on who is watching the content is invaluable.

Today, OTT is addressable: we can serve different ads to different voter segments watching the same programming. With the increasing sophistication in targeting, it’s clear that OTT will become table stakes in the media plan for every large scale political campaign.

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Join us at the TV of Tomorrow Show on Thursday Dec 7

Join us at the TV of Tomorrow Show on Thursday Dec 7

If you’re attending this week’s TV of Tomorrow Show in New York City, we invite you to join us on Thursday, December 7 at 1:15pm for our panel discussion “Data-Driven Advertising: Hurdles and Opportunities.”

The panel will feature Premion President Jim Wilson and executives at the forefront of advanced TV advertising. Topics will include brand safety, blockchain, addressable, consolidation and more.

You can see the complete lineup here.